SIEPL SAP Services

SIEPL recognizes that SAP systems in companies are mission critical and form the lifeline for crucial business operations and decision making. SIEPL’s support services are created keeping the always on demand. The users get reliable and informative support as required. SIEPL’s support services are also aligned to proactively anticipate customer requirements so that the system can be intelligently and quickly tailored to meet the dynamic and ever changing business requirements.

Once an IT solution is in place, you need to continuously improve your IT solution landscape and optimize all your business-related processes for enhanced performance. Our robust Support Services are offer support, continuous improvement of SAP solution-based landscapes and optimization of all business related processes. We can help you strengthen your competitive position by reducing cost of ownership while improving business performance. We have extended our services around SAP products and solutions to provide organizations such as yours, the ability to benefit from our profound SAP expertise and efficient delivery capabilities. Our expertise touches across verticals be it: manufacturing, retail, finance, IT and we deliver tailor-made solutions that fits your industry profile as well as your business requirement. We also offer an SLA based model that incorporates proven methodologies and best practices to enable continuous infrastructure support services at optimum costs.


SAP Basis : SIEPL offers SAP Basis Consulting and Support and Infrastructure services to our customers. Our SAP Basis Practice utilizes high quality and cost-effective consulting services. We provide client advisory services during system installations and implementations. The portfolio of Basis services includes project implementations, upgrades, migrations, support and expert consulting for major production system issues.

SAP Upgrades : SIEPL’s SAP ERP Upgrade brings together proven methodology and experience in upgrading to SAP ERP Enterprise Core Component – ECC 6.0. SAP upgrades begin with an appraisal of the landscape present in your organization. Reappraisal of the current landscape ensures that it is aligned with your organization’s strategic roadmap.

SAP Solution Manager: We offer standard SAP Solution Manager functionality which enables you to be connected with SAP's service and support infrastructure. SAP Solution Manager (Solman) is SAP’s unique application management solution that facilitates technical support for distributed systems. The Solman functionality provides support in solution deployment, operations and enables continuous improvement of processes and systems.

SAP Application Management Services : SIEPL’S Application Management services are offered for support, continuous improvement of SAP solution-based landscapes and to optimize all business related processes. SIEPL’s AMS is the solution to support an organization in operating, optimizing and extending its application landscape.

SAP Roll-out and Migration : Global organizations with SAP as their business platform, when setting up operations in India, would require their SAP system to be extended to cover Indian operations. This calls for an in-depth understanding of Indian systems, particularly those relating to business practices relevant to India, their interface with global systems, local taxation requirements etc, implementing the system and leading the organization through change.

SIEPL Offshore Support : Our SAP development services enable you to tune your business processes to address the dynamic nature of business scenarios. Our team of experts understands the application requirements thoroughly, architect the solution, develop and test it before finally implementing it. SIEPL relies on industry-standard software development practices and rigorously tests the applications to ensure defect-free delivery.

SIEPL Resource Support : SIEPL understands a requirement and the resources required for the successful implementation of the project. We evaluate the existing staff in your organization and determine the additional skill required for the implementation of the project ensuring optimum usage of skills and resources.