☑ Inventory Management

✦ Goods Inwards ➜ To receive material for items in PO
✦ GIN - Clearance ➜ Clearance to be obtained from stores and Updates the Stocks.
✦ Stock Indent ➜ Issues the material
✦ Product Stores ➜ Update the Stores
✦ Delivery Challan ➜ Delivery Challan is created based on the Invoice raised.
✦ Stock Ledger ➜ View of Stock on Hand

Reports generated by this Module
✔ Stock Lists of Inward Stock and Finished Product Stocks.
✔ Stock Ledger.
✔ Stock Balance with Rates and Stock Value.
✔ Minimum Stock Level and Maximum Stock Level for Parts and Products.
✔ Goods Return for items.
✔ Sales Return for Products.