Who we are

SIEPL, is an entity whose prime focus is on providing quality solutions swiftly. In a business environment where time-to-market is everything, we inject our rich knowledge base and well-honed expertise to secure our diverse client base with enduring solutions.

The Group commenced operations in 2002 and transformed as a subsidiary company with a team of inspired professionals who brought with them, a wealth of IT related experience and a single unified objective to make the company a leading solution provider, with a qualitative difference in the Web space. Today SIEPL is what it is solely because of the firm commitment of its people and their unrelenting focus on quality.


We focus on delivering knowledge enriched solutions by leveraging the rich expertise of our people and by employing innovative quality processes to enable our customers with real solutions. Our aim is to constantly meet or exceed expectations of our customers by actively pursuing goals aimed at achieving excellence in all our operations.

The ability to constantly predict, monitor and ultimately deliver quality solutions is SIEPL's way of doing business.

SIEPL understands that each customer is unique and there is no one technology or solution that meets all requirements. SIEPL uses its domain knowledge to address the specific needs and requirements of customers by providing them with sound, single-point comprehensive solutions.


Our core competency lies in swiftly understanding client requirements and their business objectives. The focus is always on delivering quality solutions and our highly competent team draws inspiration by looking upon each other project as an opportunity - not a task.

Our software solutions and consulting services include custom design programming while building in modifications to existing software and implementation services. Our personnel ensure that they are available to our clients at all times in order to provide immediate support, whenever required.

SIEPL provides international standards of quality across all our services. We believe in partnering with our customers in order to assist them in fulfilling their business objectives. SIEPL offers technical expertise across specialized business lines ensuring timely delivery and at competent costs. SIEPL brings together a balanced mix of people, technology and the clarity to focus on client requirements. We adopt a flexible approach in modeling our business to meet customer needs in an optimized manner.

At SIEPL, we focus on Enterprise Transformation. We believe in enhancing the effectiveness of your existing IT and business models, and helps you to constantly adapt to new ways of doing business.

Our expertise in Enterprise Application Integration allows for seamless and efficient transactions between the customers, the employee and the business. Integrating the key elements of your business is crucial for proper deployment of e-commerce strategies.

Our expertise in Application Management will leverage your existing IT investments and help you free key internal resources that you need to make the transformation. Technology alone is not enough. You need our pool of skilled professionals, quality processes, proven methodologies and project management expertise.

Our expertise in Legacy Systems helps us to understand your current IT infrastructure and enables us to upgrade them and adapt them to meet the future requirements of your business.

To ensure deep domain knowledge, we have experts with long experience in many diverse fields such as Health, Finance, Education, Power and Industrial domains.

All of these solutions are time-and cost-effective. And they are reinforced because our skill-base is there for you to exploit to the full. We can help you to re-invent your business for the new age and keep you abreast of change. By making SIEPL your partner, our range of expertise can create new value for your business.