Reports generated by this Module

✔ The Core responsibility of this Module is to keep the track of following Features.

✔ Manages the Regular Staff Information, Employee Attendance / leave Details, Salary Details, Generation of Salary Statement & Salary Slip, monthly Deduction Details, Salary Advance & repay Details, Employee Retirement & Resignation Details, Gratuity by Employee Details, Employee’s Promotion & Increment List, Employee’s Salary increment, Promotion, Retirement etc Designation Wise salary reports.

✔ Pay Roll Processing ➜ Time & Attendance, Leave Management, Allowances, Deductions, Reimbursements, Shift and Salary Slips

✔ Monthly Reports ➜ Multiple Pay slip Formats, Salary Statement, Bank Payment Statement, Employee Payment Details, Attendance Register, Salary Certificate, Allowance Summary, and Deduction Summary.

✔ Periodic Reports ➜ Leave History, Employee Advances and others.

✔ Employee Reports ➜ Employee Profile, Address Label.